Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Interview with Liam O'Brien

In October of 2011 I did a Twitter interview with Liam O'Brien; known for such voice acting as Illidan the Betrayer in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, Nightcrawler in Wolverine and X-Men and Marvel Super Hero Squad, Kotetsu Hagane & Gaara in Naruto, and the Ghost Unit in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

I admire his work and so asked him five questions pertaining to his voice work and advice/suggestions for aspiring voice actors. You may also notice a similarity in our usernames - what can I say? I was insired. ^_^

The questions and answers after the jump.

1) Favorite voice role so far?
Too hard to choose: Nightcrawler, Archangel, Gaara, Illidan, Grimoire Weiss, Fukuyama

2) What percentage of your work is done in a home studio?
The only VO related work i do from home is the auditioning.

3) What kind of home setup would you recommend to someone getting started and wanting to be able to audition?
If you have a computer, get a Blue Mikey Yeti Mic & a pop guard.

4) Is there voice work that can be done from home besides audiobooks?
If you had a fancy set up, promo work I think..?

5) Do you recommend guild membership to folks getting started? Or build their freelance portfolio 1st?
Hard one. You'll know when time comes. For now, hone your craft.

I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Liam for taking the time to respond...and apologize that it took me so long to post this article.

I'd also like to that Marianne Miller who chimed in with another helpful tidbit:

"If I can interject, I'd recommend avoiding unions until you get representation or are forced to join. Being SAG-eligible is the best position you can find yourself in, though."

You can find Liam on Twitter @voiceofobrien and http://liamobrien.biz/. Marianne is on Twitter @mariannemiller

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